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resolved: to be more open

Saturday,  12/31/22  12:23 PM

My resolution for 2023 is to be more open.  That's it.  More open to ideas, more open to change.  And more transparent, more open to the people around me, which includes you.  And more open to myself, more self-aware.  We'll see if it works, stay tuned :)

I have a friend - a longtime, good friend - who Facebooks.  He's smart and interesting and a lot of his posts are cool and fun.  But he hates Trump, and [for him, by extension] he hates Republicans.  And he can't help posting about his hate.  I would snooze him but then I'd miss out on the cool stuff too.  It's a puzzle.

As I think about my friend, I wonder; does he think he's changing minds?  Is he asserting what he perceives to be true?  Or is he secretly convincing himself? 

I don't know, and maybe he doesn't either.  But is that me?  I can be pretty single-minded on certain subjects: climate change, affirmative action, and government intervention, to name a few. 

When I post about these things, do you feel as I do about my friend?  Maybe you do ... maybe I'm fun and interesting but also pedantic.  Do not want to be.  I do not think I'm changing minds, but sometimes I do think I'm asserting [what I perceive to be] truth.  Not sure if I'm secretly convincing myself :)

Related: Now that I'm blogging again and gathering inbound with Feedly, I'm aware that I'm not filtering enough.  Before that was a limitation on my ability to handle input, now, I need a throttle on the output.  Something like ... 10 links a day :)  Heh.

But it's hard, because so many people on the Internet are wrong, all the time...

Stay tuned and Happy 2023!