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happy boxing day

Monday,  12/26/22  10:37 AM

Hi all Happy Boxing day to you - historically in England in the big houses the staff worked on Christmas, so the day after Christmas was the staffs' Holiday, they received their presents in boxes (?) hence the name ... anyway hope you have a great one.

We're traveling to a friend's for a celebration, she's from Marin County where apparently celebrating Boxing Day is a thing.

Are you reading this via RSS?  No?  Not too late to vote in my survey about this ... glad to see the creaky old ksh script which manages surveys still works (written long before such things were plug-and-play from the web).

An interesting side-effect of my switch to Feedly and consequent higher bandwidth for inbound links has been monitoring more Twitter feeds, which can be imported just like RSS.  For many Twitter *is* their blogging platform, for others, Twitter is their RSS, an index to their content elsewhere.  Yeah I do it too, via dlvr.it, so you might be getting this there? 

Behind the Black notes: The Wuhan panic underlines how scientists have abandoned the search for truth.  Yeah, sadly. 

Related: Elon Musk notes re the latest "Twitter Files": How Twitter rigged the Covid debate.  We just knew the government were wrong. 

Also related: Marc Andreessen quotes Michael Crichton: "Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward––reversing cause and effect. I call these the ‘wet streets cause rain’ stories. Paper’s full of them."  When was the last time you read a mainstream media article about something you knew which was correct? 

From Ottmar Liebert: Know the difference :) 

Space.com asks: Can space-based solar power really work?  (Spoiler: yes) 

Meanwhile, Powerline notes: Guess what: Electricity isn't free.  It's a screed against EVs, but actually EVs aren't the problem, it's generating clean power.  Which cannot be done at scale with wind or solar - well unless it's solar from space :) 

Oh, and per Wired: Dear Electric Vehicle owners: you don't need that giant battery.  I get the point, most of the time you'd don't need them, but when you do... 

Meanwhile, Watt's Up with That: Japan embraces nuclear power, cancels phase out plans.  Good for them.  Entropy will be a major competitive advantage. 

Okay, off to do a ride - indoors, via Zwift - and then off to Santa Barbara in my EV...