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Xmas filter pass

Sunday,  12/25/22  11:24 AM

An Xmas filter pass ... picking up some old stuff along the way ... still liking Feedly and this new way of doing things ... and yes, I've updated my OPML correspondingly (Feedly only allows folders not subfolders so did a slight reorg).

This awesome picture came from a Wired article about Euler's equations for fluid flow, and I love it.  I also love ezgif.com which converted it from MP4 to animated GIF.  How great is the Internet with all these free tools?

From a note taken a long time ago: finally watched The Least Expected Day on Netflix, about the Movistar pro cycling team's 2019 season.  It's great.  If you're interested in cycle racing or think you might be, give it a try.  I love the differences in attitude between the racers on the team, and it's so apparent how it affects their performance.  

Roger Kimball: Stanford's Naughty and Nice List.  "Note that the version of this pathetic document I link to exists on a server at the Wall Street Journal. Stanford, facing blowback (that word must certainly offend someone!) hid it from public scrutiny."  Stanford! 

The longer this wokeness crap lasts, the less my original hope that saner heads would prevail seems likely to be fulfilled.  What's the endgame here?  Do we just all pretend forever?

Dave Barry's 2022 year in review.  "The best thing we can say about 2022 is: It could have been worse."  Well, yeah.  But it could have been better, too

So know we know: How Jamiroquai did it.  The effect is awesome, and the method is obvious in retrospect.  But even knowing the trick, it works, right? 

I love this sort of thing: PCalc turns 30.  "PCalc actually started out in 1992 as a design for a central heating control panel."  But of course! 

Clive Thompson: The awesome power of well-documented code.  Definitely part of my religion.  The opposite is mostly true too; poorly documented code just can't make it in the wild.  I have a story about this to tell, and will do... 

In case you're looking for some light reading: The 20 most-read stories on Ars Technica in 2022

Via Jason Kottke: The Sea's strangest square mile.  Amid heavy competition, seems like while there are millions of boring square miles, some of them are pretty amazing, too... 

Yes, Virginia ... Getting it right about a legendary newspaper editorial.  I proposed to consider the question: "Is there a Santa Claus?"...  from 1897.  Spoiler: Yes! 

Oct 2020: Mark Steyn: The last copier in the woods arrives sooner than expected.  He is no doubt reading the Twitter files with great interest :) 

I wonder whether - in future years - the people responsible for banning the President's press secretary, the Trump campaign, Republican Senate candidates, and Republican House members from Twitter just before the 2020 election will feel they did the right thing.  They no doubt contributed to President Biden being elected, so perhaps they will feel that they did (although with hindsight, maybe they won't feel that was such a great thing, but they will likely always feel preventing President Trump from being re-elected was worthwhile.)  But IMHO it led somewhat directly to Elon Musk buying Twitter.

From Aug 2020: Kottke: The User Experience design of Lego interface panels.  Pretty great.  It is hard and revealing to communicate with such a tiny amount of information. 

Onward into the day!  Merry Christmas to all.  The interesting and contemplative week between Christmas and New Year lies ahead ...