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Thursday,  12/15/22  08:06 AM

A compendium of "interesting stuff", as the Ole filter makes a pass...

I must say I am disappointed with my Win 11 upgrade failure.  I had high hopes it would cure some ills, but it didn't, and so now what?  I guess I have to figure out these problems with logic instead ofstochastic debugging...

Picture of the day: My Tesla loaner, eight years ago.  Wow.  At that time - no so long ago - Tesla wasn't mainstream at all, and these cars were amazing curiosities.  Now everyone in my neighborhood has one.

So Air New Zealand are looking to buy electric planes.  How optimistic of them!  They seem inevitable, but many years away.  Still the industry will need optimistic investors to make progress. 

Seemingly, "Holiday experiences" are all the rage, Astro Lumina among them.  My Facebook feed's ads are all such things, uses of time and money but non-material.  I'm tempted! 

SpaceX: three launches in two days are planned.  Wow.  Time was every launch was a major event.  They've actually nailed this reusability thing. 

Ann Althouse notes Volodymyr Zelenskyy makes a Jewish joke to David Letterman.  He's a comedian, and he's Jewish, so yeah.  He's also most impressive, a good choice for Time's person of the year

Last year I had an opportunity to attend the HLTH conference (in Boston), didn't go to this year's (in Las Vegas), but have been following some of the news; this video interview with Glen Tullman is interesting, perhaps mostly because Glen and his new company Transcarent are interesting...  the consumerism of healthcare, and routing around the established healthcare delivery value chain. 

From May 2016: The amazing 1969 prophecy that racial preferences would cause the exact grievances of protesters today.  [via Instapundit]  I noted this long before the 2020 riots, which only reinforce the conclusion. 

There are two subjects on which I differ from most of my friends, guaranteed to provide for some, er, interesting conversations at the Holiday dinner table: illegal immigration, and climate change.  Yeah, I just don't get it, where by "it" I mean the pervasive politically correct view of these things.  Somehow we are supposed to share everything we have with people with whom we have nothing in common.  Where by "we", I mean, other people.  This is just madness to me, I don't get it.  And climate change, okay, it's real, and okay, some of it is anthropogenic, but it's not a crisis, it's mostly a means of virtue signaling.  There, that should make me unpopular (or at least, interesting) at the dinner table!