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Sunday,  07/19/20  09:20 PM

sail onAmid all the sheltering, I've been sailing!  Yippee.  The local clubs here in Southern California haven't exactly opened up - the clubhouses and bars are locked tight - but they have started running simple "practice" regattas.  So much fun.

Literally unbelievable: Widespread Twitter Hack Reaches Bill Gates, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Barack Obama.  I follow Elon and was almost taken in myself.  Wow!

Experts agree: US should reopen schools.  Much to the chagrin of some media.

Powerline: America's reporters and editors are liars.  Yep, no surprise there.

Half of Americans have used Telehealth services during pandemic.  Excellent.  But what about all of you in the other half?

The Atlas of MoonsNational Geographic: The Atlas of Moons.  Over 200 of your favorites, with all known data about each one.  Definitely a bookmark to revisit.

Although I must say, the site is a tad over-engineered; it would have been better without all the background processing.

Mark your calendars: NASA's SpaceX Crew Dragon astronauts will return to Earth on Aug 2.  Excellent.

Apropos: SpaceX wins NASA approval to launch astronauts on reused rockets.

Less certain: NASA chief says he's 'very confident' in a 2021 launch date for SLS.  Did he read this: What you need to know about our SLS rocket's 'green run test'.

Inspector General: NASA's Orion is a program of lies.  Sad.

But ... at least NASA is keeping the astrologers honest, so they've got that going for them.

Katmai National Park "bear cam"Here we have the Katmai National Park annual "bear cam", showing bears, salmon, and all sorts of other wildlife.  I've visited three times and seen bears every time.  Sooo cool.

On behalf of environmentalists, I apologize for the climate scare.  Why thank you.

Related: A visual lesson in energy density.  Green entropy barely shows up.

back to the futureBerci Mesko: I would love to go back to 2006 to show this image to someone and ask what they think is going on here.

Doc Searls: How long will radio last?

Doom processor array graphAnd finally from John "Doom" Carmack: "Someone noticed that when you have hundreds / thousands of cores in a supercomputer, the individual utilization boxes in Task Manager start to look like pixels. People started making pictures by doing different amounts of work on specific processors."
It escalated quickly.

Onward ... smooth sailing!

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