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Sunday,  05/24/20  11:05 PM

voyages - 5/24/20Probably like many of you, I've made a weekend habit of escaping, voyaging to the far corners of California (at least, far as reachable by car) and riding my bike or sailing my boat. 

These trips have taken me to Lavic, 29 Palms, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Isabella, Lake Elsinore, and the Salton Sea.  Oh, and to Calexico and the Mexican border, and to Needles and the Arizona border.  And to Monterrey, riding the 17 mile drive.  And to Three Rivers, the gateway to the Sequoia National Forest.  Not to mention Los Olivos :)  And so it was that yesterday I drove up to Kernville, and did a great ride along the Kern River in the South Sierras, and today I went sailing in Santa Barbara.  My own personal take on "sheltering in place".

Every state is unique and has amazing places to visit, but California is truly amazing, so much to visit and see.  And I haven't even ventured into the top half of the state yet!

And so where should I go tomorrow?

Ojai, CaliforniaThe Discoverer helpfully notes: The Best Small Town in Each State.  For California their pick is Ojai, a worthy choice but not far away and already well known to me.  I would love to visit Skagway, Alaska - was just reading a book about the Yukun gold rush - but that would be a bit of a long drive.  Bisbee, Arizona looks nice, but it's also too far, and Virginia City, Nevada is even further.  Stay tuned...

SpaceX: demo-2 from the gantryThe other day I noted the upcoming SpaceX manned mission to the ISS next Wed; Elon Musk just tweeted this beautiful picture from high above the gantry.  Keep telling yourself, this is not a movie...  (click to enbiggen amazingly).

Congratulations to Rogers Cadenhead for the 7,500 day anniversary of his blog Workbench (quick math: it began on Nov 7, 1999).  I've been subscribed since nearly then. 

Congratulations to Scott Johnson for the 18 year anniversary of his blog Powerline (May 24, 2002).  I've been subscribed since nearly then.

In case you're wondering, Critical Section started on January 1, 2003.

nuclear powerPopular Mechanics via Instapundit: America just made a Huge Investment in Next-Gen Nuclear Power.  Yay.

The other day I recommended Michael Moore's anti-"renewable-energy" documentary Planet of the Humans; nuclear power is the *only* truly renewable entropy source we have.

Instapundit notes: Beyond Parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel.  "In case you didn't realize how hard the writers at the Babylon Bee have to work to surpass reality."  It would be funnier if it were less true.

Warren Buffett: never bet against AmericaWarrant Buffett: Never Bet Against America.  Love it, and also love that fancy Powerpoint template :)

Another longtime blogger I like, Kim du Toit: Remembering.  "To anyone who may take issue with me over this: fuck with me at your peril."  Yes, you must read click through.

Daring Fireball: What time is it in London?  "Every other service that tries to answer 'What time is it in London?' gets it right. Only Siri gets it wrong."  Siri has been so bad for so long, that it defies explanation.  Apple are surely aware of this and have the resources to fix it.

Related: Why is the modality of IOS so screwed up?  Mostly, I have to turn off my phone to use Siri.  Seriously.

Swiss Trains speed through the Swiss countryside to Techno BeatsI am a not-so-closet Eurodance fan.  Cascada, September, Ian van Dahl, I love them all.  And so I love this: Trains Speed Through Swiss Countryside to Techno Beats.  Even cooler than you might imagine.

While I was out not blogging in 2016 Steven den Beste passed away, a giant of the early days of the blogosphere.  (His blog USS Clueless is still up, yay.)  Glenn Reynolds notes his evergreen unified theory of left-wing ideas:

"Isn't it interesting that no matter what the current global crisis is, according to leftists, the solution is always the same: a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations."

Cheers all, and happy voyaging!

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