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social distancing

Sunday,  03/29/20  11:05 PM

social distancingAnd so now we are all "sheltering in place" and "social distancing" from each other.  Wow, what a month, what a time!

It's been quite a week for my company Teladoc (InTouch Health) too; the busiest time ever, as physicians and patients shift to telehealth to keep their own distance.  So while we're all working from home, we're all working 24x7 too.  So be it.

I *was* able to escape for a couple of bike rides this weekend, yay, around Lake Arrowhead and Lake Isabella.  You have to escape your four walls sometime...

And while most everyone is shut down, many things are happening...

Corona virus will change the world permanently ... but how?From Politico: Coronavirus will change the world permanently.  Thirty-four big thinkers predict how...  some seem almost too obvious, and some seem completely wrong, but it's a thought-provoking list.

As regards the title thesis, sure, the world will change, but perhaps not as much as we might think.  I remember thinking the same thing after 9/11.

Global warming in a few charts.  I can't do them justice here, please click through, but the punchline is ... nope, not much global warming is actually happening.  "Unfortunately for the alarmists, enough time has now gone by that we can say, definitively, that the models are wrong."

Quantum Frontiers: the ground space of babel.  Any blog post that begins "Librarians are committing suicide" is going to get your attention, but this one is going to hold it, too.  I'm still not sure the Quantum Computer emperor is wearing any clothes, but it sure makes for some weird math.

Martian moon protection (from us)NASA: Planetary protection and the moons of Mars.  We are sending a spacecraft to return samples from Phobos and Deimos, and we must make sure we don't contaminate them in the process.

the social complexity factorFrom the always thought-provoking Razib Kahn: The general social complexity factor is a thing.  Well then.  Another great mind expansion in which I understand about 10% but sense there is something here I want to understand better.

exponential domino chain reactionKottke: the exponential domino chain reaction.  Just think, one simple blog post could be that little domino...


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