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Friday,  03/06/20  06:23 PM

So ... good week?  Was for me.  Busy busy busy.  And it's all happening...

Tulsi GabbardCan you believe they're not going to let Tulsa Gabbard debate?  Do they even know how bad this looks?  She's cute, smart, young, female, Hindi, Samoan, a vet, and not crazy, setting herself apart from Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on all counts.  At worst you could say she'd be a good Veep and since both Biden and Sanders could easily die in office, that's important.  Not clear how the Dems managed to end up with two white guys older and weirder than Trump, but they did it.  Impressive.

Coronavirus Map from NY TimesOf course the big news is Covid-19 aka "the coronavirus" which is causing people to cancel public events and stop traveling all over the world.  Elon says the corona virus panic is dumb.  Is he right?  We'll see.

I've been watching this map from the NY Times which shows actual confirmed cases.  Right now about 100K with about 3.5K people having died.  That's 3.5%, but officials seem to feel the ratio is not that bad, more like 2% (which is still bad; almost 20X "the flu").

Cancellations which have affected me: HIMSS, a big medical IT conference where President Trump was scheduled to speak, and Strade Bianche, a pro bike race I love in Ciena, Italy.

From Guy Kawasaki, news you can use: How to be a remarkable speaker.  Rule one is "have something interesting to say" :)

SETI@home - ending after 20 yearsWow, at long last SETI@home to shut down (after 20 years).  No aliens found, but sure was fun.  Man I can remember installing that on as many servers as I could, back in the day...

David Byrne on SNL: Once in a LifetimeExcellent!  David Byrne performed Once in a Lifetime on SNL last week and it was excellent.  One of my all-time most quoted songs ... how did I get here?

Same as it ever was...

all the minerals in the world, visualizedI could pretty much link every post from the Visual Capitalist, but I won't (and you should subscribe to them); here's a great one: all of the world's metals and minerals in one infographic.  So cool...  we are living in a material world ...

Onward ... and best of luck to SpaceX on their launch tonight!  "The first orbital spacecraft designed and built by SpaceX is set to smash a reusability record on its 20th and final International Space Station (ISS) resupply launch, hopefully ending an exceptional career with yet another noteworthy achievement."  fXf

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