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Saturday,  02/15/20  12:03 PM

200K!Hi all ... my Tesla Model S just passed 200K, after 7 years!

Max charge used to be 270 and daily (90%) was 245. Now is 245 and 220, so a loss of about 11%.

  • Biggest regret is that they've become so popular :)
  • Biggest unexpected benefit is the supercharger network, unknown when I bought the car.
  • Biggest maintenance issue is tires; I get about 20K per set, so am on about my 10th set.
  • Biggest nice thing is not stopping for gas all the time.  And 200K is about 10K gallons or about $30K.
  • [Update: another big nice thing is being able to take any and I mean any car off the line.  I didn't even list this at first because I've come to take it for granted, but in the early days it was so much fun accelerating onto the freeway next to a Corvette or BMW or Porsche :)]
  • Biggest too-bad-ness is not being able to use diamond lanes anymore.  That was nice for a long time.
  • Biggest thing I didn't know when I bought the car – how nice it would be to have such a big trunk.  And roof rack.  I do regret that I'm not allowed to tow things but understand there’s a nice aftermarket solution to this now and might explore it.

Many new features via software updates; biggest include voice command, creep, GPS enhancements (traffic!), audio enhancements (spotify!), geofencing for garage door and air shock leveling, enabling WiFi, trip predictor, and valet mode.  And fireplace!

Tesla original skeuomorphic UIWorst change is getting rid of the skeuomorphic UI (shown at left) and giving in to Windows 8 look.  Although full screen GPS in 10.x is good.  And browser has become so slow as to be unusable, not sure why (overall memory consumption?)

Ongoing engineer-ness in the UI: using Wh/mi as a unit.  C'mon like anyone knows what that means.  Ave mph would be okay.

Cheers and onward!


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