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Saturday,  01/11/20  09:41 PM

J70s racingWhew what a busy day.  Raced a J70 in Santa Barbara - yay, first race of the season - and also worked all day.  More about that tomorrow...  but in the meantime, it's all happening:

Per Dave Winer: Google no longer scrapes the web, now it just uses addresses of pages which Chrome users visit.  Interesting, and makes sense.  But what if nobody ever visits a page?  Seems like maybe they have to do both?

Coinbase blog an interesting history of Bitcoin in the 2010s:

  1. Bitcoin did not fail
  2. Coinbase did not fail
  3. Factions and civil war
  4. Bubbles (and crashes)
  5. Apps took longer than we thought
  6. ICOs
  7. Exchanges captured most of the value
  8. Stablecoins

Recessions vs expansions, courtesy of Visual Capitalist.  You can see the gains far outweigh the losses.  And also, we are now in the longest expansion since 1950, following the biggest recession.

Did you watch the Golden Globe awards?  I did not - I never watch these award shows, especially lately - but apparently host Ricky Gervais did some serious roasting.  "I didn't roast Hollywood for being a bunch of liberals. I myself am a liberal. Nothing wrong with that. I roasted them for wearing their liberalism like a medal."  Excellent.

News you can use (especially if, like me, you are a Star Wars aficionado): Star Wars lightsaber colors decoded.  In which we learn the background of the darksaber.

Baby YodaSpeaking of darksabers, isn't the Mandalorian great?  They seem to have re-found the magic recipe from the original three movies.  And awesome Baby Yoda is.

Well I've been saying this for a long time: IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity.  Someone should write a book about this.

Well: GreenPeace Co-Founder Says ‘The Whole Climate Crisis Is Not Only Fake News, It’s Fake Science.'  I'm in the middle; human-caused climate change is happening, but it is not a crisis.  The facts are obscured by all those trying to profit from the supposed crisis.

Apropos: Scott Adams solves the climate debate and saves the world.

And here we have a stunning photo series featuring German pipe organs ... I so love these, the beauty of form and function is incredible.  When I walk into an old church, the first thing I do is walk to the middle, turn around, and look up.

German pipe organ

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