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Thursday,  01/02/20  08:48 PM

Just got back from the gym.  First workout in ... I actually cannot remember.  "I wish I hadn't made time to work out", said nobody ever.  Onward!

Learning: Air Pods are amazing for working out.

Perfect call: VeloNews awards 2019 cyclist of the year to Mathieu van der Poel.  Not only did this guy win races on the road, cyclocross, and mountain biking, but he was nearly champion in all three.  And Amstel Gold, my goodness, the attack of the century. 

Thoughts from the Ammo line (from Powerline): why free college is a bad idea.  "The students have no skin in the game; the colleges have no skin in the game; and the taxpayers who are skinned alive have no say at all."  Agree entirely.  Subsidizing anything makes it more expensive. 

OMG: scientists just discovered a new state of water molecules.  Could it be Ice Nine!? 

John Saddington: On taking credit.  "The cure, of course, is to just give away credit as much as you possibly can, all the time" 

And the bookend: On Blame.  "Most of the things in life are outside of our control and what we really are control over is how we respond to those things." 

Good news: GM Crops Like Golden Rice Will Save the Lives of Hundreds of Thousands of Children.  Like pesticdes, genetically modified plans are a modern miracle.  It's amazing how often "greens" end up on the wrong side of these issues. 

Super cool: Interactive Vitualization of the scale of objects in space