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Tuesday,  03/29/16  11:29 PM

Spring!  Brrr...  Good thing I got our Nest working.  (A simple matter of a blown fuse, buried deep within the HVAC unit...)  Meanwhile, it's all happening...

What we know about the Tesla Model 3 (due to be unveiled Thursday).  A better headline would be, what we don't know... since we don't know much.  One of the more interesting questions is whether Model 3 owners can use the Tesla Supercharger Network (most likely, yes) and whether they'll have to pay when they do (most likely, yes).

BMW Isetta (IZA), now electric!The BMW Isetta (IZA) is being resurrected as an electronic vehicle.  Awesome!  My Mom owned an IZA as her first car, back when I was born; teeny, three wheels, door in the front ... what's not to love?

Okay:  Republicans better pay attention to Bernie.  If it weren't for Donald Trump, the big story in this election cycle would be Bernie Sanders' increasingly successful challenge to Hillary Clinton.  Maybe it will be Trump vs Sanders?

4,000 people have signed a petition to allow guns inside the arena at the Republican National Convention.  Why not?

Oculus ... Woaa!Five hard questions facing Oculus Rift.  Yeah, it's too expensive, and yeah, you have to wear a [tethered] headset*, and yeah, you need a powerful desktop to run it.  But yeah, it is going to stimulate a lot of VR content, and get the chicken-and-egg hardware-and-content ball rolling...

* This picture is cute but one thing it gets crucially wrong; when wearing an Oculus, you can't see, and others cannot see you.

Bitcoin rival Ethereum climbed 1,000% in 3 months, crossing $1B in value.  The interesting thing about Ethereum is that it features a more powerful embedded transaction set which is more usable for Smart Contracts.  Whether that will cause it to "tip" remains to be seen ... I'm betting, no.

the Mini Linux computer, $39Powerful things come in tiny packages, and this mini-Linux computer for $39 proves it.  It's so cute!

Ed Driscoll has Gone to Texas (from Milpitas, California).  "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

California sucks, but it *is* better than every other place :)  Especially because it is so nice and ... warm.  Brrr...

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