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Saturday,  03/26/16  10:56 PM

It's Saturday night, I'm exhausted after a long day of unpacking and moving furniture, and ... I'm blogging.

Goodbye to Johan Cruyff, the flying Dutchman, who invented and personified "total football".  I'm not a soccer fan but Paul Mirengoff is, and remembers the Dutch master

Sixth anniversary: Obamacare was going to lower health care costs; what actually happened.  What happened is what always happens when the government steps in and fixes prices, costs go up, quality goes down.  The best way to lower health care costs is to let the market work. 

And no, the market wasn't allowed to work before Obamacare either; Medicare essentially acts as a massive price fixing program.

In case you're wondering, how will Cygnus spacecraft dock to space station?  Cool.  Cygnus will carry almost 7,500 pounds of science and research, crew supplies and vehicle hardware to the orbiting laboratory. 

NASA: Fun facts about Mars.  Their Tumblr is awesome, if you're interest in space, check it out!  (Wish their manned missions were equally as cool :) 

Want to visit the ISS, or Mars?  Oculus have [finally] started shipping their Rift headset.  VR is probably the best bet most of us have for space travel... 

Jeff Atwood: thanks for ruining another game forever, computers.  An interesting rumination on the ever-increasing computing power of personal computers, and the ever-improving heuristics of AI.  Possibly a key part of VR and "visiting space". 

Another key application for AI, self-driving cars.  This fascinating IEEE article muses that self-driving cars won't need red lights at intersections, the image at left shows the rather scary result.  I guess if could work, but whew! 

Joi Ito: On Disobedience.  "Society and institutions in general tend to lean toward order and away from chaos. In the process this stifles disobedience. It can also stifle creativity, flexibility, and productive change-and in the long run-society's health and sustainability."  Great post. 

The nearly invisible wires that enclose nearly all major cities of the world.  Jewish communities string the fishing line -like wires to establish "eruvs", small regions within which they can perform actions otherwise only permitted inside their homes.  What a weird custom, who knew? 

From Brad Feld: Fork - a short story.  Very cool.  I love the idea that our universe is constantly forking, that each quantum mechanical decision point is instantiated both ways. 

JWZ: Instagram hates the Internet.  "Instagram's design decisions are among the most user-hostile and Internet-hating that I've ever seen."  The gravitational pull of open systems is  s t r o n g.