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Wednesday,  02/17/16  11:54 PM

Beyond AI - Humanlike ReasoningToday was a good day; it rained, quietly but steadily, I got some tricky code to run, I attended I, Robot, and Humanlike Reasoning, and I have a most interesting new customer.  And ... I blogged!

Five years ago: I got my first iPhone (a 4, I was *not* an early adopter), and I switched to Chrome.  Also Lance Armstrong retired (for the second time), the Apple App Store launched subscriptions, and Apple was worth $100B more than Microsoft, with Google closing fast in third.  I commented "could you have predicted that five years ago?  No."  So now that Google has overtaken Apple and they've both left Microsoft in the dust, what do you think will be the most valuable company five years from now?  Hmmm...

PS love having my blog archive :)

Great news: Ted Cruz now leads Donald Trump in national NBC/WSJ poll.  I'd take anyone besides Trump (since I cannot possibly vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders), but Cruz is actually my first choice.  Way back last Fall we kept thinking that Trump would self-destruct, and maybe he has ... but in slow motion.  Stay tuned!

As Glenn Reynolds comments You can't trust them: Twitter shadowbanning 'real and happening every day'.  Somewhere there's someone who actually thinks they're improving the world by doing this, but ... they're not.  Even.

Yukon Quest: Rosebud SummitSebastian Schnuelle: Post Yukon Quest, Pre-Iditarod.  Great survey of the race which just finished and the race which will start in two weeks, by this great armchair musher.  I especially like his analysis of the optimal run/rest ratios.

Keith Kaplan on the Joe Biden cancer initiative: Moonshot hits a Wall.  "The reality is and our government officials need to understand, the war on cancer is not a single moon shot, the war has been and will be a series of battles."  Indeed.

An interesting observation from my friend Jared... I'm not sure which number is more surprising.  Both feel about right for me, but I would have guess I do more of both than the average person...

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