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Tuesday,  01/19/16  10:50 PM

applause!Today was amazing; a new feature I've been coding was demoed for an entire sales team, and received a standing ovation.  As a software developer, that's what you live for :)

And in other news...

Wolfram programming lab - the best way to learn the Wolfram LanguageStephen Wolfram: "I'm excited today to be able to announce the launch of Wolfram Programming Lab - an environment for anyone to learn programming and computational thinking through the Wolfram Language. You can run Wolfram Programming Lab through a web browser, as well as natively on desktop systems (Mac, Windows, Linux)."  Awesome!

spacetime...!Just about everything Stephen writes about is interesting.  A most worthwhile blog...  for example: What is spacetime, really?  A most interesting explanation, by someone who actually seems to understand it :)

Blech: Why the Coast Guard needs $1B.  For new ice breakers.  Probably to rescue all those people looking for evidence of climate change that get trapped in the ice.

giant icebergsMeanwhile: Giant icebergs help the Southern Ocean soak up carbon.  Of course they do.  This is an interesting article, but any excuse to post pictures of icebergs is valid...

What could go wrong?  Sensors slip into the brain, then dissolve when their job is done.  Welcome to the 21st century.

the WalMagiA great post from Gerard Vanderleun: The gift of the Walmagi.  "I can't get over it. A winter coat for $7? The Goodwill won't sell you a dead man’s old winter coat for $7."

New item: Cassandra rewritten in C++, now ten times faster.  Excellent.  Despite all the advances in computer hardware, nobody ever complains that the software is too fast.

And this: Visual Studio now supports debugging Linux apps; code editor now open source.  Visual Studio is the best development environment for software there is, bar none.  This is excellent.

The Witness - a new Myst-like gameThis looks amazing: The Witness, a new computer game in the style of Myst.  I'm not a game player - at all - but I am a puzzle player, and I certainly enjoyed Myst back in the day.  Must check this out.

Fascinating commentary from Eric Raymond:  Why hackers must eject the SJWs.  "I have been participating in and running open-source projects for a quarter-century. In all that time I never had to know or care whether my fellow contributors were white, black, male, female, straight, gay, or from the planet Mars, only whether their code was good."  Amen.

new LA football stadiumHmmm... LA to build world's most expensive stadium.  I'm delighted the Rams are coming home (yay!) but not sure this makes sense.  Where will the money come from?

Progress!:  Website lets you view old websites, with old browsers.  Now you can revisit The Spot with Netscape 3 :)

And I'm gonna wrap up with this picture of the Blue Angels over San Francisco, from Scott Loftesness.  Just because.

Blue Angels over San Francisco

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