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Sunday,  07/05/15  10:27 AM

A fifth filter pass ...

Amsterdam!I just mentioned this year's Tour de France starts in the Netherlands; apropos, TechCrunch has A look at the World's High-Tech Startup Capital.  "It may seem superficial to say so, but one of the biggest advantages Amsterdam has in the tech world is that it’s a place where people want to live — and can actually afford to, even on a startup budget. Local leaders recognize how attractive their city is, and they're not shy about selling it on those terms."

Europe: Debt as %GDPVox: 11 things about the Greek crisis you need to know.  Interesting although the confluence of fact and opinion is troubling, as always with Vox.  Biggest thing I learned: Vox thinks Kentucky is supported by Massachusetts.  (!)

I do agree with the central premise, that a single currency spanning multiple countries with varying fiscal policies was bound to run into trouble.

Business Insider: Margaret Thatcher was freakishly correct about why the Euro would be such a disaster.  She was, but not sure "freakish" is the right adjective for an experienced leader extrapolating from past experience.

From Nick Szabo*: The Greek financial mess and some ways Bitcoin might help.

* Nick has been rumored to *be* Satori Nakamoto.

not a bug :)Cory Doctorow: Not a bug :)

Totally weird: If you divide 1 by 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,998,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (that's 999 quattuordecillion btw), the Fibonacci sequence neatly pops out. Wow!

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