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re Caitlin

Sunday,  06/07/15  07:09 PM

I have a politically incorrect observation about Caitlin Jenner.  Like anyone, he can change his name, and like anyone, he can dress any way he likes, and perhaps like anyone, s/he can express a preference regarding the pronouns which are used to refer to him, but so far she has *not* changed her gender.  Doing so is possible but she has not yet done so.  Therefore "she" is still male.

When I was a kid, a professional tennis player named Richard Raskind underwent sex change surgery, and he became she, and called herself Renee Richards.  It was a big deal at the time because she was denied entry into the US Open on the grounds that she had been born a man.  She sued in NY Supreme Court and won, with the decision that "this person is now female".  I'm am conflicted about this, because s/he still had a Y chromosome, but there have been many sex changes since and our society seems to regard specific physical attributes as a proxy for gender. 

Anyway Caitlin is unambiguously still male.