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Sunday,  06/07/15  06:26 PM

Another quiet day of coding ... fortunately turns out you can watch cycling and code at the same time.  Congrats to Bradley Wiggins for a new hour record: 54.526km.

Evan Williams explains that Medium is not a publishing tool, it's a network.  Oh.  I think it *is* a publishing tool - sort of a low-friction way for people to blog without having a blog - and he *wishes* it was also a network.  Of course, with his history (Blogger then Twitter) you can see his perspective.  Interesting. 

Tom Coburn handicaps the Republican Presidential Field: Cruz and Walker not ready for primetime, America won't elect another Bush.  Also, Paul is scary and Perry is not capable enough.  Which means ... Rubio?  Then again, he thinks Fiorina is "smart, savvy, and experienced". 

LifeHacker: Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret.  Fascinating that great comedians aren't "just funny", they really work at it... 

A wonderful blast from the past: After Dark in CSS.  The original screensaver ... flying toasters! + swimming fish!  

So weird that even though I haven't thought about this for years and years, I remember it all.  Somewhere in my head there are little clumps of neurons dedicated to remembering a screensaver.