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Friday,  04/03/15  07:15 PM

Eye-ing London... I'm baack in the saddle again ... after a great business / pleasure trip to Boston / London.  No blogging, sorry.  But I'll try to catch up, at least a little ...

This is me, Alex, and S. Eye-ing London.  Alexis has been studying there since the start of the year, so she's now a local :)

the first radio stationFrom Marc Andreessen, a year ago: the future of the news business, a Twitter stream all in one place.  The future is getting closer all the time.  And now with Periscope, could include video streams too.

While in London I visited the excellent Museum of Science, which features a great exhibit called "the story of information", all about the ancient and near-ancient progression of technology for communications.  Most thought provoking.  This is a picture of the very first "radio station" for multicasting information.

Dave Winer: Journalism must compete.  In re: Facebook's request that news providers give them access to full text content.  "News is changing.  Be the change."

Google street view bikeHow to Google something you don't know how to describe...  using Visual Search, of course!

Speaking of Google, here's a picture of their cool street view bicycle, used for narrow streets which don't allow car traffic.  If you didn't know how to describe this, how would you find it?

glow-in-the-dark Nissan Leaf on Holland's glowing smart highwayThis is way cool: Nissan takes its new glow-in-the-dark Leaf electric car for a spin on Holland's glowing smart highway.  Read that headline again; yes, you are living in 2015 all right.  What a great time to be alive!

This seems like a great idea: $Cashtags, a web address for making payments via Square.  I've noticed that #hashtags have replaced URLs in advertisements, store windows etc., perhaps soon they will in turn be replaced with $cashtags.  Stay tuned.

TechCrunch bemoan the terrible technical interview.  "Traditional technical interviews are terrible for everyone. They're a bad way for companies to evaluate candidates."  I disagree with this entirely, having spent a career hiring people via technical interviews.  There are worse and better ways to conduct them, but they are not necessarily a bad way to evaluate candidates.  It is what it is.

secret Nazi lair found in Argentine jungleNot fiction: Secret Nazi lair believed discovered in remote Argentine jungle.  Paging Indiana Jones.

Ready Player One, the movieBest news ever: Spielberg to direct Ready Player One movie.  Yes!

I can't remember anticipating the movie version of a book I liked this much, ever.  Seems like it could be great.

Steve Nash announces his retirement from the NBA.  "It will always hurt that Phoenix Suns fans didn't get the championship they deserved during our run.  But I don’t regret anything. The arena was always sold out and rocking. It was the time of my life. Thanks, Phoenix."  Class all the way, one of my favorites from back when I was an NBA fan.

What do you use to keep track of what you need to do?  Jeff Atwood says don't use anything, just keep track of three things.  Sounds good in theory, but when those three things have been done, what next three things must be done?

Spectre. Bond. Yes.The first teaser for the next James Bond movie: Spectre
Looks excellent.  Yay.

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