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Tuesday,  03/17/15  10:14 PM

Top of the evening to you, hope you had a wonderful little day.  And now, this:

Purple Reign: the unmaking of a Yahoo.  A pretty scathing longform critique of how Yahoo fell from the highest high into the race to the bottom. 

How to Google something you don't know how to describe.  It's great to see Visual Search getting some recognition as a new field! 

Burn: Starbucks is in hot water after launching a campaign that encourages baristas to talk about race relations with customers.  Glenn Reynolds notes "a race-and-gender-studies degree tends to lead to a barista position, so at least they're trained, but most of us don’t really care what they have to say.

This looks ... very cool:  The Leviathan.  It's not clear whether this is an actual trailer or a concept, but I'm in. 

And from jwz: how Make Magazine ensured I'll never click a link to their site again.  Amen.  How horrible is all that adcrap which surrounds content these days?