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Wednesday,  03/04/15  09:57 PM

So,will Carly Fiorina be the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate in 2016?  Hmmm...

Personal drone registration will become necessary, says U.K. House of Lords.  Hehe.  Read that again and savor the moment.  Is this a great time to be alive, or what? 

Coolness aside, this is just another chance for government regulation, argh.  I love reading about aeroplanes in the 1930s, when anyone could fly one anywhere and just land in a handy field.  It was dangerous, but ... so what?

Matt Haughey retires from Metafilter.  For 16 years, definitely one of the most influential sites on the 'net.  

This is great: A clever Skoda car commercial that tests your attention.  I thought I was ready for it, but ... wow.  Check it out! 

This is so interesting because it shows how much of what we see is really synthesized by our brains rather than captured by our eyes.