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Monday,  02/16/15  11:02 PM

more cowbell: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake open the SNL 40 year anniversarySo, did you watch SNL's 40th anniversary show?  It was pretty amazing... from the opening number by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (more cowbell!), to Emma Stone imitating Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosannadanna, to Bill Murray singing the love song from Jaws.  Yay.  (Oh, and that Wayne's World top ten was pretty great.)  Worst moments: Miley Cyrus ... (predictably lame) ... and Eddie Murphy (unexpectedly disappointing).

Apparently the after party was quite something, too :)

Global Warming update: Boston's snowiest month ever.

the Apple car?The past week we've been inundated with rumors of an Apple Car.  That would be cool, but Jason Calacanis thinks Apple will buy Tesla for $75B in 14 months.  Noted.

Jean-Louis Gassee does not think so.

Apple's Jonny IveThe New Yorker profiles Jonny Ive.  A most interesting in-depth article.  It does NOT seem they are working on a car.  But it does seem like the Apple Watch is going to be quite something.

Frank Drake (of the Drake equation) points out that it's silly to send messages to ET.  It would take too long to be useful, and if ET is out there, she's already sending messages to us.  Interesting.

new VAIO Z laptopIt has been a LONG time since I've lusted after a new laptop.  My main axe is a four-year-old HP, recently revitalized with an SSD.  But checking out the new [Sony-less] VAIO Z series makes me think ... hmmm.

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