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Tuesday,  02/10/15  10:46 PM

Post #3,001:  Back to work.  In which the Ole filter makes a pass, and finds ...

Sin City - Aerial photos of Las VegasSin City, a series of high-altitude aerial photos of Las Vegas.  Awesome!

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, ready for takeoffSpaceX's launch attempt today was scrubbed due to excessive upper atmosphere winds.  So be it, stay tuned for another attempt mañana.  So interesting that this launch won't be as suspenseful as the landing.  fXf!

Did you know?  Apple's Dictionary is cooler than you think.  After reading this post, I have to agree.  Thanks.

Philip Greenspun attempts the impossible: Listing the most perverse things about the US tax code.  Child care deductions, alimony treatment, inheritance, health care, capital gains, and mortgage deductions are all featured.

Of course: JetBlue becomes first airline to accept Apple Pay.  Anywhere card swipes are a nuisance, NFC is going to be accepted.  I remember when the iPhone 5S was introduced thinking that fingerprint sensor was going to prove much more useful than people thought...

And: competitors race aluminum shovels down a ski slope at 65mph.  But of course!

The quest for virality is making everything shitty.  Yeah, that could be defended.  But fortunately you have the Ole filter to protect you!

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