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Wednesday,  02/04/15  10:06 PM

Rosetta, the Comet, and the Science of Surprise.  To which Glenn Reynolds comments, "but what were the scientists wearing?"  :)

The FAA - regulating business on the moon.  "The United States government has taken a new, though preliminary, step to encourage commercial development of the moon.  According to documents obtained by Reuters, U.S. companies can stake claims to lunar territory through an existing licensing process for space launches."  Whoa. 

Philip Greenspun: Job opportunities for Math PhDs.  Links the great New Yorker story The Pursuit of Beauty, about Thomas Zhang, who recently published some groundbreaking work in prime theory, after having kept the books at a Subway. 

An interesting movie: Riding Light.  Which shows, in realtime, what the sun would look like from a photo traveling away from it at the speed of light.  Makes you realize how slow that actually is compared to distances within our solar system.  Or conversely, how large those distances actually are... 

MG Siegler: Punxsutawney Jeff.  "Yes, Amazon can turn a profit if it chooses to. And don’t you forget it! (At least for a few more quarters until you do once again.)  For now, it is right back into the warm, cozy hole for Amazon. As investors wait for the spring which may or may not ever come.

Eleks software unveils Telsa Motors app for the Apple Watch.  Excellent.  Because who wants to have to pull out their phone to turn on their car's climate control? 

The most interesting part of this is that the app wasn't built by Telsa or Apple.  The power of open APIs and platforms.

Google Earth Pro is now free!  Awesome... :)