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Super bad call

Sunday,  02/01/15  11:09 PM

Super bad callWhew.  Well was that the worst play call in history?  Pretty much.  With 26 seconds left and your team trailing 28-24, you've driven to your opponent's one-yard line, helped by a magnificent (and headless) catch.  Now you have four plays to go one yard.  And you have the world's best back (known for his "beast mode"), and a great line.  So ... you pass ... it is intercepted ... and you lose the game.  Whew.  Well it made for good theater, anyway.

Katie Perry flies through the air on a "rocket"The halftime show was okay.  I like Katie Perry and Missy Elliot - kind of a weird combination though - and Lenny Kravitz is always welcome.  Standing on a lion ... cool ... dancing beach balls and sharks ... cool ... blasting through the air on a rocket ... way cool. (And how did she get through all those costume changes?)  The music was too poppy for my taste but overall it was fun to watch.

can you explain what Internet is?In other Super news, the ads were all mostly super boring.  My far-away favorite was Bryant Gumble and Katie Couric trying to figure out "what is the Internet", an add for the all-electric BMW i3.  The tagline was "sometimes it takes a while to get the future", and it was funny and made sense. Please note advertisers, it was funny and it made sense.  That's what works.  Not funny does not work, and funny by itself does not work.  The worst ad was the one from Nationwide Insurance about the dead kid - yeah, seriously NOT funny.  What were they thinking?

[Update: One more thing about the Super Bowl... was it just me, or were there a million NBC house ads?  I skipped through them; we wanted to watch the Super ads, but not those ads.  It left me wondering, was there that much unsold inventory, or did NBC really think we needed to know about their new Thursday night lineup twenty times?  (What do networks and "lineups" really mean anymore anyway, with everyone watching via their Tivos and Netflix and Hulu?)  Anyway it seemed like a big waste of money.]

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