Critical Section

Monday,  01/26/15  07:59 PM

A quiet day of work today.  Work work work.  A little rain, a little sunshine, and a little news.

gray whaleI hardly ever watch "news" video online, do you?  But this one caught my eye: Whale watchers celebrate epic season.  So that's good news right?  Or is it bad news ... I can never remember which way climate change is supposed to cut.  The picture of a gray whale at left is on the website, listed as an endangered species.

Northeast stormMeanwhile they're having a huge storm in the Northeast, almost exactly a year after the NYTimes declared "the end of snow". 

What all this means to me is that climate science is not actually science.  There are huge variations in weather from year to year, but nobody yet understands the longer term trends.  And to the extent that they are understood, very little is changing.  Nothing to see here, move along.

under-ice robotThis is pretty cool (NPI): Robot finds fish beneath Antarctic ice.  "When a group of scientists drilled through 2,430 feet of ice in Antarctica to get to the water underneath, they only expected to find a few microbes here and there. Instead, they discovered a thriving community of fish and crustaceans."  Unlike climate "science", this is real science; a theory and an experiment to test it which modifies the theory.

the taco toasterWow I need one: The Taco toaster.  Crunchy tacos without frying in oil...

But of course: Worry for Solar Projects after End of Tax Credits.  Too bad all that money is being wasted on subsidies for non-viable tech.

I'm installing the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview.  The more I read, the more I'm convinced this will be my next OS.  You may ask, why not OS X?  Good question.  I guess I just like Visual Studio for C++ development...?


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