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resolved, again

Sunday,  01/11/15  11:16 PM

Last year I broke my personal tradition and made a few resolutions:

  1. Work out consistently;
    try to do something every day
  2. Keep my to-do list current;
    and have a schedule
  3. Spend quality time with my family;
    one-on-one as well as together
  4. Make time for reading

I also started eyesFinder, a visual search company.

2014 began well, but in the last six months the startup conflicted with the resolutions, and in the last three months I pretty much abandoned them altogether.  Yikes.

2015 is beginning similarly, with the same resolutions and the same situation.  This year I will do better :)  And to do that, I will have to do things a little differently.  So be it.

I hope you have a great year too... Onward!