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Happy Old Year: 2014

Wednesday,  12/31/14  12:25 PM

Hi blog public!

Sorry I've been out.  (Yikes, two months!)  I've been coding ... :P  (Too much perhaps?) ... anyway it's Old Year's Day 2014, and so I decided to mix a little blogging in with my football watching and not-coding.  So stay tuned for a deluge.  Or possibly a steady drizzle.

Every year ends with a plethora of year-in-review stories, and now every site you use for any purpose will helpfully create a year-in-review video for you.  (Here's my Strava year-in-review video, of cycling activity; it's cool except for the fact that all the pictures and movies aren't of me, so ... yeah, not that cool.)

I'm going to compile my own little year-in-review, as a series of blog posts.  Should be fun ... stay tuned!

(First a little Yak-shaving; I *had* to perfect the CSS for rounded corners and drop-shadows on pictures.  Amazingly this seems like it works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and ... even IE!  You're welcome.)