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Merry Christmas

Thursday,  12/25/14  11:55 AM

Hiya blog public, Merry Christmas!

Our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, and last night we had a fabulous dinner with friends and family, and exchanged gifts, and ate [way too much] candy.  And today we rest; watch a little football and a couple of movies.  And we reflect on the year behind and the year ahead.  And we blog.

Each year December seems to fly by; at first you think you have weeks before Christmas but then boom the time has passed and the parties and celebrations and shopping are all a blur, and Christmas has come.  And then you have a pleasant little week between Christmas and New Years to slow down and think.  This year is just like that for me, only more so.  So much to think about, somehow.  I've been looking forward to having nothing to do so I could do it :)

I hope you have an equally nice day and week, and a Happy New Year, and a great 2015...