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Thursday,  12/18/14  09:31 PM

Another solid day of coding ... and so the Ole filter makes a pass ...

Marissa Mayer: can she save Yahoo!John Gruber comments on an interesting article about Marissa Mayer, an excerpt from a book to be called Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!.  "In many ways, Yahoo’s decline from a $128 billion company to one worth virtually nothing is entirely natural. Yahoo grew into a colossus by solving a problem that no longer exists."  No company can stay in one business forever, but successful companies leverage each success into the resources needed for the next one.  I can remember when Yahoo! was amazing, the Google of its day.

By the way the headline is terrible; there's nothing to suggest Marissa Mayer tried to be Steve Jobs.

Phil Greenspun wonders Why is it hard for Yahoo! to make more money?  "Is it really the case that the superheroes at Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Uber have used up all the oxygen?  It feels to me as though there is a lot of low-hanging fruit for a company with Yahoo's resources."  Same.

One more thought about Yahoo!: they certainly have a lot of talent.  They've acquired tens of great startups over the years, with hundreds of innovative entrepreneurs and engineers.  There must be a cultural flaw that keeps these people from being productive inside Yahoo!.

Scott Johnson considers Sportsmanship's Luck.  "Based on the evidence Clark presents, I'm going out on a limb to solve this mystery. I’m guessing that that's not trash talk. The concept represented by Luck's conduct has fallen so far out of favor that no one even offers it up. I believe it's called sportsmanship."  Go Colts!

Hehe: Ayn Rand reviews kids movies.  "Mary Poppins:  A woman takes a job with a wealthy family without asking for money in exchange for her services. An absurd premise. Later, her employer leaves a lucrative career in banking in order to play a children's game. -No stars."  I love it.

the IceBarYay!  Inhabitat reports The IceBar is back.  Check out those pictures ... how cool is that?  :)

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