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Sunday,  11/23/14  09:22 PM

startups!Another new (to me) blogger: Mark Suster, an LA-based VC.  He blogs about startups and investors, with a lot of good stuff mixed in.  Love it.  There is so much value in blogging and reading blogs.

Anyway here's a good one: In defense of Uber: an objective opinion.  I don't have any special insight but the whole "target journalists" thing seems way overblown.

Powerline wonders: Is there any hope for our civilization?  "Understand that the morons who wrote this incoherent drivel, which wouldn't have passed muster at my public high school in South Dakota, are PhD candidates."  I think there's plenty of hope, all over, including in academia, but certainly things in those environments have to change.  The pendulum has swung way too far to the left.

too many hats?Seth Godin: the jobs only you can do.  "One of the milestones every entrepreneur passes is when she stops thinking of people she hires as expensive ('I could do that job for free') and starts thinking of them as cheap ('This frees me up to do something more profitable.;')."  Yep.

This is cool: Google and Stanford researchers create image recognition software that goes beyond recognizing individual objects.  eyesFinder's visual search software is both dumber and more powerful than this; it doesn't try to "recognize" anything, but it can match all kinds of things to an image library, including individual objects as well as scenes.

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