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Friday,  11/14/14  07:40 PM

(I always write dates yymmdd so please forgive me :)

New bicycle path in the Netherlands has a glowing surface inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night.  Excellent. 

This is total lust-bait for me: Incredibly-designed record players of yore.  I've always been kind of sad that by the time I could afford such things, they were obsolete.  Still, they're ... amazing, right? 

ESA's Philae comet lander sends astounding first images of comet.  Yippee. 

Well this kind of sucks: One star reviews flood 'Monument Valley' following paid expansion release.  Here we have a $6 app which everyone says is amazing, and they release a $2 expansion upgrade, and users are pissed off that it isn't free.  Seriously.  The app world is out of whack. 

Did you know?  Aibohphobia is ... fear of palindromes!