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shooting squirrels

Sunday,  11/02/14  09:40 PM

shooting squirrels (with a camera)Nine-Year-Old Spanish Boy Wins Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.  I love it.

Best possible means of shooting squirrels :)

How the World sees Google Glass.  "In Berlin Dominiguez says people were way more concerned about privacy; in Mumbai they offered to build apps for the technology. In the UK Dominiguez tells me the people just couldn't be bothered. In Paris, her unique eyewear gave her instant celebrity access. Some people had never seen the contraption and had to ask her what it was."

I see Glass as the Newton of wearables; not a success in itself, but it will pave the way for many others.  And of course I can't help thinking visual search technology will be the driver for a lot of adoption.

HP 'Sprout' PCHP's 3D-scanning 'Sprout' PC is unlike anything the company has made.  Unlike anything anyone else has made either; who ordered that?  Will be most interesting to see how well this is received...  (I'm rooting for it; HP deserves credit for trying something new.)

Amazon's Fire Phone efforts will continue despite early stumbles.  Well, good.  And not surprising.

the many faces of Apple WatchJony Ivy says Apple Watch was harder to design than the iPhone.  Hmmm.  I guess with phones they were competing with things which were essentially nerdy and pretty much poorly designed; with watches they are competing with things that are essentially stylish and pretty much excellently designed.  He recognizes that in this category design will be as important as functionality.

xkcd explains how far into outer space something has died.  I know this question was on the tip of your tongue, wasn't it?  "... sterilizing spacecraft is hard. NASA has an employee specifically assigned to this task, and she has possibly the best job title of all time: Planetary Protection Officer."

Chinchilla eats almondRodent of the day: A hungry Chinchilla cobbles up an almond.  Awww.

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