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Friday,  10/31/14  11:35 PM

hope Halloween - scariest of 2014Boo!  Happy Halloween everyone ... (and so when did ghosts start saying boo?)

The costume at right most definitely gets my vote for scariest of 2014.  IRS targeting, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Solyndra, Syria, the VA, Iraq, Ebola, ... the hits just keep on coming.  Next Tuesday can't come fast enough!

sexy Tootsie RollGood to know: slutty Halloween costumes, a cultural history.  "Halloween was about sex before it was about 'trick or treat,' and the wonder is that we ever saw it any other way."

Personally I've detected a shift; there now seem to be more scary slash weird costumes and less plain sexy witch / caveman dressing up.  Everyone has to be something amazing.  And the influence of mobile is strong; seems like every third person is an iPhone app :)

So be it; I will say, Facebook is always fun on Halloween.

Gone GirlTonight we celebrated Halloween ... by going out to see a movie, Gone Girl.  A weird movie.  The first 2/3 was great; a good setup for a nice whodunit, in which you ping ponged between hating the guy and hating the girl more.  And then the last 1/3 blew it away; a weird unbelievable pat ending which made no sense and left you wondering "so what"?  The critics liked it but we did not.


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