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trick or treat!

Sunday,  10/26/14  09:22 PM

trick or treat! - WLYC regattaWrapping up a great weekend, today I sailed in Westlake Yacht Club's trick or treat regatta, crewing for my 11-year-old friend Will.  Was pretty much a perfect ending... but meanwhile, it's all happening...

I'm going back in time for this one: Russell Beattie's post from September 2013, in which he announced his decision to stop building a feed reader and to join Amazon's Lab126.  That's the team that have built the Fire Phone, and I have to believe Russell was a big part of it.  Cool.

Google's Eric Schmidt: "really, our biggest search competitor is Amazon".  It's a great post - check it out, there's a lot more - but this is such an interesting point.  I honestly think more companies feel Amazon is their biggest competitor than any other, and that includes Wal-Mart in retail and Google themselves in tech.  I wouldn't even be surprised if Facebook thinks Amazon is a competitor :)

Do you consider yourself liberal or conservative?  It might just be your name.  According to this I'm moderately conservative, which seems right...

the Hobbit trilogy in 72 seconds - in animated LegoWatch the Hobbit trilogy in 72 seconds - in animated Lego.  Excellent!  (I can't believe the time people have for these sorts of things ... but I'm so glad they do!)

WSJ: Never mind software ... mobile is eating the world.  "For all the recent growth in tech, today’s companies still have tremendous opportunity. Amazon, for instance, represents just 1% of total US retail."  Um, just 1%?  That's amazing.

The other day I bemoaned the lack of desktop apps...  Cult of Mac says the Mac App Store is broken, and developers are sick of it.  That isn't the entire problem, but it's certainly part of it.  The Microsoft Windows Store is a ghost town.

Tumblr's desktop appBut meanwhile: Tumblr debuts its first desktop app on the Mac App Store.  Could this be the start of a new trend?

But ... don't get used to Mobile Apps - their days are obviously numbered.  Hmmm...  it feels like this should be right, but it isn't happening.  At least not yet.

Here's a nice survey: the shifting landscape of mobile.  In which reports of the death of mobile apps are apparently somewhat exaggerated ... (lot's of great data in this article).

PhotoMath app solves math problems with visual searchMobile App of the day: point your phone at math problems and PhotoMath solves them.  Way cool, a perfect use of Visual Search technology.

And speaking of mobile apps: Yelp has strong Q3, 45% of reviews now from mobile.  I'm surprised it's only 45%, but of course, it's growing...

Boris the cat (in Gone Girl)And finally and crucially: Why 2014 is the year of the ginger cat.  I haven't yet seen Boris in Gone Girl, but I will!

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