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Thursday,  07/31/14  11:45 PM

Got for it, little Picton!Whew, what a week!  What a two weeks...  work work work and a wonderful interlude sailing an E Scow with a friend in Charleston and a business trip to Boston.  And so much going on at eyesFinder.  But there's a lot going on elsewhere too ... let's take a look, shall we?

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I am spending 50% of my time coding these days, and the other 100% of my time doing everything else.  It has been great.  There is so much pleasure in slowly patiently building something piece by piece, making all the pieces fit just so.  Awesome!

And you cannot code without music, and good code makes good music even better.  Yay, Slacker.

the Martian, by Andy WeirJust finished The Martian, by Andy Weir.  It was excellent, highly recommended, as plausible near-future science fiction.  So much greatness and so much humor too.  (Thanks, Brad Feld.)  Couldn't wait to reach the end of each day so I could visit Mars :)

Fun fact: this book was first self-published as an e-book on Amazon, and Random House picked it up for printing afterward.

The Honest Truth About DishonestyThe 'Just in Time' theory of user behavior.  Aka, "the path of least resistance is everyone's best friend".  Taken from a cool new book: The Honest Truth about Dishonesty, by Dan Ariely.

Bill Gates' and Warren Buffets' favorite business book is out of print.  Written in 1971, in consists of 12 stories from The New Yorker.  However, it is now available ... as an e-book.  Cool.

Nobody doubt's Google's cloud intentions anymore.  Nope.  But then, whoever did?

Nobody doubt's Apple's either.  They've been accused of incompetence, but they're serious.

And ... Microsoft, IBM surge ahead of Amazon in cloud revenue growth.  Note they're talking about the first derivative here, not the absolute numbers.  But, still.

I read this with great interest: What's Google's biggest fear?  Native search.  That is, sites and apps which have their own search, instead of using Google.

If this is truly their biggest fear, then visual search will exacerbate it.  We strike fear into the heart of Google! Yes!  (getting a bit carried away here :)

Speedtest: Verizon FIOS now symmetrically fastVerizon FIOS gets speed boost; uploads now as fast as downloads.  Yep.  Thank you!

Helpful: Why seven hours of sleep might be better than eight.  Personally I suggest six, but that's just me...

Minion on Fire (Amazon's new Fire Phone)So did I tell you?  I've got a Fire Phone.  So far I like it, stay tuned for a full review.  In the meantime, the critics have soundly panned it.  Ah, they didn't like the first Kindle either, and now look. 

Yes, my minion is on Fire :)

MG Siegler thinks it is so much of a failure that he's recommending a VP of Devil's Advocacy.  We'll see.

Amazon's 3D StoreExcellent: 3D-printing comes to Amazon.  Of course.  Although right now they're selling 3D-printed stuff, someday they will sell the models so you can print your own at home.

Guess before clicking: The most important factor of startup success.  I agree entirely.  (It’s not having a funny Dutch founder who sails and cycles, although that was a good guess :)

Why OKCupid's experiments aren't the same as Facebook's.  Yeah I kind of agree.  The difference is setting expectations.

ZooBorn: Lynx CubThis little guy is too cute, ZooBorn of the week is Jasper, a Lynx Cub.

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