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Tuesday,  07/15/14  10:52 PM

Fluffy, kernelized!We people are pretty visual creatures, even when talking about abstract concepts we "visualize them" to gain insights.  I was thinking back to the idea of visualizing algorithms, and reflecting on how much it helps with insight and communication.  All the more reason to have great visual search :)

The picture at right has been "kernelized" by eyesFinder's Vector Quantization algorithms, breaking the image into little circular regions.  I've found this visualization is a great way to share how the algorithm works, even if the underlying math is hidden.  Oh, and please click to enbiggen for the full effect.

IOS 7 vs IOS 6After giving IOS 8 betas the old college try, I've fallen back to IOS 7.1.2.  IOS 8 is simply too buggy, there are too many things that don't work.  And sadly it isn't any better; I was hoping Apple would retrench on some of their UI stupidity and go back to buttons that look pushable, sliders that look slidable, etc.  I totally wish there was a supported way to fall back to IOS 6.  I fear this "flat look" is going to be with us for some time to come, despite being both uglier and harder to use.  I've mentioned before, I have an original iPad running IOS 5 which I use from time to time, and every time I pick it up I wish we could have that look and feel back.

Apropos: the best way to get ideas is to suffer with something that doesn't really work.  Amen.  IOS 8 has given me a lot of good ideas :)

Star Wars trailer from 1976Wow, the first trailer for Star Wars, in 1976.  I remember exactly where I was when I first saw it - my room at college - and I remember exactly my reaction - I must see this!  Never mind the crappy non-CGI spaceships... they had me at hello.  Excellent.

Microsoft's CEO needs a new editor.  "Tortured statements from CEOs mean one thing: I have something to hide."  Um, yeah.  This is one of the things we liked about Steve Jobs, when he had something to say he just said it.  Oh, here is a translation.

Marcel Duchamp's Art Deco chess set (now 3D-printable)Awesome: 3D-printable version of Marcel Duchamp's art deco chess set.  I love that we can do this sort of thing now, and so easily.

Voronoi chess setAh, but is it cooler than my 3D-printable Voronoi chess set?  I don't know...

Dave Winer: comparing APIs.  "I just spend 3 months wrangling with the current Twitter API, and got more or less the same functionality from Facebook in four days."  I feel like Twitter never really wanted third-party adoption, while Facebook early-on realized it was a huge key to growth.

Also from Dave: Why doesn't Google have a Share This Search button?  Great question.  eyesFinder will have one :)

Nichola Tesla labElon Musk donates $1M for new Tesla museum.  Excellent.  The Oatmeal strikes again!

I hope they get Arc Attack to play at the museum's opening :)

Vantablack, the blackest black yetScientists claim creation of blackest black yet.  Hmmm...  this is tough to visualize :)

Does anyone outside of silicon valley want a smartwatch?  Good question.  I've been wearing my Pebble Steel off-and-on for the past week, and I kind of like it.  I wish it looked cooler, but the functionality is pretty nice and occasionally even rises to "useful".

ZooBorn: Scops Owl chickOne of my favorite ZooBorns ever: a Scops Owl chick.  He looks like trouble :)

I have to say that of all the blogs to which I subscribe, ZooBorns most consistently puts a smile on my face :)

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