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World Cup: semi-sad

Wednesday,  07/09/14  10:40 PM

Rats!  Both of the teams I was rooting for in the World Cup lost their semifinal matches ... Brazil were blown out by Germany, 7-1 (and it wasn't that close), and Netherlands were outlasted by Argentina, 0-0, 4-2 (and it was exactly that close).  So be it.  I am semi-sad.  The games have been fun to watch and at least Brazil and Netherlands will meet, this Saturday in the 3rd place game (Go Oranje!)

And then Germany and Argentina in the final!  The best team (Germany) vs the team with the best player (Messi, for Argentina).  Will it be a good match?  Hard to say ... I predict Germany will not score five goals in the first 30 minutes, like they did against Argentina, and I predict Messi will probably get loose at least a few times; the Dutch held him in check pretty well.  I actually think Argentina have a chance, and that's how I'll be rooting.