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July the Fourth be with you

Friday,  07/04/14  11:23 PM

Hey everyone happy Fourth!

I celebrated as I always do, by competing in the Westlake Yacht Club's annual 'Round the Island race.  It didn't go as planned; the wind was foul and my passage under the bridge was slow, impeded by Murphy, and I did not win. 

I did have a great time, as always, and reflected on living in a country where sailing a boat under a low bridge is my biggest problem.

My good friends Mark and Rhonda live right on the water in Marina del Rey, and host a party every year to watch the annual fireworks show in the harbor, and we all settled down to a beautiful evening of controlled explosive watching.  Yay!

Tomorrow there will be fireworks of a different kind, internationally, as the Tour de France gets under way (in Leeds, England!), and the Netherlands tries to advance to the World Cup semi-finals against Costa Rica (go Oranje!).  And who knows I might do a little coding.  Onward...