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happy Father's Day

Sunday,  06/15/14  05:18 PM

Happy Father's DayHappy Father's Day!  I'm celebrating in the usual way ... by eating and drinking a lot :)

That's me and my Dad.  I miss him.  Hi, Dad!

Awakening ... En Zed!Awakening.  A stunning 4K time-lapse video from New Zealand.  Want. To. Go.  Also a great soundtrack :)

Philip Greenspun: If Piketty is right about rich people getting high returns, why do banks lend at low rates?  Good question.  The math doesn't seem to match the reality.

Uber's problem is that it offers insufficient opportunities for graft.  Hehe.

Brazil's fight against deforestationMeanwhile: Brazil's fight against deforestation has been a surprising success.  Wow, indeed surprising.  Good for them!

when will the bass drop?When will the bass drop?  Awesome.  And ... pretty accurate :)

Beyond the stack.  Hmmm.  This is taking something evolutionary and casting it as something brand new, which always makes me suspicious.  I don't think the cloud is a "platform"; it's simply a way of delivering existing platforms like Linux / PHP / MySQL in a more efficient, scalable way.  Right?

Tim Bray: trusting browser code.  "It would be useful if you could really trust code running in your browser. It’s not obvious that this is possible; but it’s not obvious that it isn’t, either."  A useful analysis.

trading private BergdahlTrading Private Bergdahl.  Brutal.  It's not so much that I disagree with the trade, as that I'm embarrassed that my government is so clueless and unprepared.  It's like little boys pretending to be men.

Turkish Airlines: selfie shootoutTurkish Airlines' award winning ad: Selfie Shootout.  It's pretty great.

So, did Eugene pass the Turing Test?  My instinct is ... NO.  This is a false accomplishment by false people.

Dave Winer's Little Pork Chop.  Is this the end of Twitter as we know it?  No...  but it is an interesting extension, right?

Tipping point: Microsoft Azure sponsors Daring Fireball.  Seriously.  This shows me that Satya Nadal gets it.

every time the sun goes down for a nap...Every time the sun goes down for a nap...

Leon Trotsky, the pigLeon Trotsky, a piglet on the move with help from his custom cart.  Awwww!

You're getting old!  If you don't believe it, check out this website...   yikes!

Happy Father's Day!

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