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Tuesday,  04/08/14  09:48 PM

planetary gearGot up this morning determined to code something - a change to eyesFinder's upload API, if you must know - worked all day, and here it is 10:00 and haven't looked at a line yet.  Oh well, some days are like that...

Yes of course that it my a 6:1 planetary gear.  A great toy :)

9:39Have you ever had a time that always shows up on the clock?  For me it is 9:39.  Seems like every other time I look it is 9:39.  My wireless technology post was of course at ... 9:39.

Wild: Gamestop as a fee-free, convenient banking institution.  So ... are game preorders considered property or currency?

Neil deGrass Tyson explains evolutionNeil deGrasse Tyson explains evolution.  "Some claim evolution is just a theory, as if it were merely an opinion. The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact. Evolution really happened."  Excellent.

Scott "Dilbert" Adams: Guy changes civilization.  A congressional candidate who checks his platform into github.  Well that's transparency in plan, if not in deed.

Facebook : OculusNot sure what to make of Facebook's $2B acqusition of VR company Oculus yet.  Seems like they must have more in mind than just an awesome gaming experience.  (In the meantime, augmented reality gets a boost - along with the visual search technology that makes it possible.)

So interesting the backlash which surrounds this deal; Oculus was a Kickstarter, and some of their early backers are angry that they didn't get any participation in this return, but as well many Oculus fans (and John Carmack fans) are upset because now Oculus will never be what it might have been.

Meanwhile: the top 8 picks from Y-Combinator demo day.  Hmmm.  Voice Interface API, Matchmaker Assisted Dating, Synced Cross-Web and Mobile Notifications, Airline Compensation ... doesn't seem like anything interesting in there.  At all.

astroid with ring systemAwesome: First astroid discovered sporting a ring system.  That's an artist conception at left, but how cool would it be to actually be there?  (Maybe we can do it via Oculus?)

Sedna and Pluto and XAnd: Small world discovered beyond Pluto.  The solar system is more and more interesting every day ... we need interplanetary space travel!

One more: Cassini points to hidden ocean on Saturn's icy moon [Enceladus].  To discover new worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before...

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