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Saturday,  03/22/14  09:49 PM

Such a busy week ... traveling, meeting, and ... coding.  I have two awesome development projects going at the same time, and it feels like I just don't have enough time to do everything.  (One, a cool improvement to the eyesFinder kernelizer, and the second, a custom update to my Makerbot's firmware :)  So I shall blog.

The stress of being a programmer is driving many of them crazy.  Then again, many of them were crazy to begin with, so who can tell? 

Glassholes: at least you know who they are.  So interesting the difference in reception given Glass vs smartwatches. 

Wearing Apple.  "The first step is to start looking at things from Apple’s point-of-view. I ask myself, 'What problems can a wearable device solve?'

Disrupting healthcare with Google Glass.  Unfortunately this is another incorrect usage of 'disrupting', but there's no doubt Glass can deliver value in healthcare, and any industry where people cannot use their hands to access information. 

The Moto 360 watch: 'we wanted to hit the whoa mark'.  It's a nice looking watch, but there are many of them.  Will it work?  Seems an always on screen implies poor battery life.  Still contextual information at a glance could be most useful

Dave Winer: New Scripting News.  My pattern with Dave is I never get what he's working on until much later, and then I realize he was just way ahead of me.  FWIW he is more responsible than anyone for getting me into blogging. 

Here we have a Grass Printer.  Excellent. 

How Earl "Madman" Muntz changed car (and American) culture.  Give this article a chance, it picks up steam and ends up making some pretty subtle points.  I love the 4-track cartridge player.  "Always good at spotting the next trend, Muntz went on to be among the first people to market satellite dishes, home video recorders and big screen TVs. By the time of his death in 1987 he had become the biggest retailer in southern California of a new device called the cellular phone."  Good call. 

iPhone6 will include temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors.  Of course it will. 

And ... it will include "Healthbook" software.  That will be cool.

The BBC has 10 theories on what could have happened to Malaysia flight 370.  Quite interesting.  I guess the simple disaster theory is the most likely, but I love the idea that the plane hid in the shadow of another plane.  

Edward Snowden gives a TED talk.  How cool is that?  I'm a little conflicted about Snowden, but there's no denying his motives were good.  At this point, we must shine more light. 

An abandoned Paris Metro station reimagined as a swimming pool.  Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize 'it all' is so much more than you thought :)