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Google Android Wear

Tuesday,  03/18/14  09:03 PM

Today's big news is BIG: Google Android Wear

"Google has revealed that their Android operating system is coming to wearable technology as part of their newly announced Android Wear project."

Not only does this make Android available as a platform for all sorts of devices – Google Glass, and now Google Watches, and who knows what else – but these will have Google’s voice activated technology built in.

"Okay Watch, take picture"

It’s interesting to me that while Google aren't first to this market, they've beat Apple to it. We all know Apple is working on wearable computing devices but where are they? Maybe, like with phones, they'll wait until everyone else gets it wrong for a while, learn, and then get it right. But Android seems headed for a nice head start.

Also I have to say, these are not ugly.  Of course Google are making a platform, and anyone can use their SDK to build on their platform, so Hublot or Cartier or whomever can make a Google Wear watch.  Android jewelry, coming soon!