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Wednesday,  03/05/14  11:08 PM

wine sink(Yawn)  Whew a long day, starting with a breakfast presentation to investors and finishing with a nice Chardonnay, with a four-hour meeting about JSON APIs in between.  Meanwhile, it's all happening...

So, who is the reclusive billionaire creator of Bitcoin?  Turns out he's apparently been found, his name *is* Satoshi Nakamoto, and he's not a billionaire, except perhaps "on paper".  Excellent.

Meanwhile, Ars Technica have created Arscoin, their own custom cybercurrency, and the Winklevii have paid for a trip into space using Bitcoin.  Is this a great time to be alive, or what?

Juptier's moon EuropaNASA says it wants to go to Jupiter's crazy moon, Europa.  No word yet on whether you can hitch a ride if you pay in Bitcoin, but nothing would surprise me anymore :)

Don't you love Salon?  Just kidding.  Over the years they've gone from being an interesting source of liberal points of view to a sad shadow of their former selves.  I find the difference is that now their writers are ill-informed and stupid, where before they were just ... wrong :)

Speaking of wrong: Los Angeles becomes the latest city to ban e-cigarettes.  Seriously?  I live in a nanny state, and I don't like it.

Lit Motors' electric scooterFrom GigaOm: Lit Motors is awesome, but let's be realistic.  In which a new entrant in the electric vehicle market is celebrated and counted out all at the same time.  Obviously there's a steep ramp to success and many have failed, but let's root for them and not predestine their failure.  They will have to raise a little more than $1M to succeed, however...

Mississippi river delta seen from spaceInhabitat: Mind-blowing photographs of Earth taken from space.  Way cool.

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