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Saturday,  03/01/14  11:40 PM

Oscars!It's Oscar pre-night, did you know?  Yep, tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 the red carpet show begins, and the Academy Awards themselves start at 5:00...  get your Tivos ready.  I plan to be sailing in the rain :(


picked to win

my favorite


Twelve Years a Slave

Dallas Buyer's Club


Alfonso Cuarón

Alfonso Cuarón


Christian Bale

Matthew McConaughey


Cate Blanchett

Sandra Bullock

Quartet, the movieWarmed up for the Oscars by renting Quartet on the AppleTV, a beautiful little movie directed by Dustin Hoffman.  Highly recommended.  I'm starting to think all my favorite movies are the ones without special effects...

Women want their partners to be as smart as they are, men want to be slightly smarter than their partners.  And both are likely to be disappointed :)

the seven keys to the InternetWho holds the seven keys to the Internet?  And one ring to bind them...

The next frontier in software tech?  Cars.  Which is why Apple and Google are all over them.  What OS will your next car be running?

We know now that Tesla's forthcoming Model E will have a 200 mile range, be 20% smaller than the Model S, and will cost about $35,000.  But what OS will it run?  (Tesla's Model S currently runs a Linux distro.)

Yes, I am missing Sochi already.  Not so much the city, but the Olympics ... without cross country skiing to watch, life just doesn't seem as fun?  Seriously it has been a tough week, with Ukraine poised for civil war and the Russians invading the Crimea; was sure nice to set all that aside and pretend that bobsled racing was our only problem.

Happy 10th Birthday, Engadget!Happy 10th birthday, Engadget!  Man I can't believe it.  (Still remember when Peter Rojas left Gizmodo to start it.)  My first reaction is, wow, I've been blogging for a long time now... :)

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