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Thursday,  02/27/14  11:24 PM

leading CorpsCamp through Hidden ValleyFinal day of riding around the Santa Monica mountains with a nice bunch of Midwesterners out here escaping winter, and it was just as fun as the previous four... and the ride was sandwiched nicely between rainstorms.  Rain, who knew?  I understand it is really going to rain tomorrow and over the weekend, which will be great...

Doc Seals nails it: sell the news, give away the olds.  I have never understood why online publications charge for their archives even when their home page is public.

Tesla's gigafactor for making batteriesTesla unveils $5B gigafactory (to make batteries).  Awesome but not surprising; Tesla are nothing if not a battery company.  And they are most definitely future-minded.  You could see where being able to make batteries better and faster than anyone else could be a huge advantage in the not-too-distant future.

Have you been following the Mt.Gox Bitcoin disaster?  Yeah me too.  Coinbase CEO Brian Anderson says What's Not Being Said about Bitcoin.  And meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen says what we all knew already: the central bank doesn't have the authority to regulate Bitcoin.  That's a feature, not a bug.

coaching: personal bestSurgeon Atul Gawande considers coaching for everyday people: Personal Best.  I'd love to have a coach!

Longtime Twitter fan Dave Winer has started posting on Facebook, and discovers that "Twitter is nothing, Facebook is a discussion".  I'm not surprised; Dave liked Twitter for the same reasons he likes blogging: it gives him a voice.  But Facebook gives you more, it gives you feedback from people you know.  That's what drew me to it in the first place.

Reminds me of this old article by Bill Gurley: You don't have to Tweet to Twitter.

Google's latest street view: polar bearsGoogle adds "polar bear capital of the world" to street view.  That's cool :) but not cool enough; Google want to call attention to the rapidly melting frozen tundra which is the polar bear's natural habitat.

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