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Tuesday,  02/25/14  10:54 PM

riding PCHDay two of the CorpsCamp, and another fine day of riding, this time along PCH...

Wither Bitcoin?  So Mt.Gox, the largest and best known Bitcoin exchange, have gone off the air; trading is halted amid rumors of a large internal theft.  Yikes.  The currency will survive, but like any bank credibility is essential.

surfing on smartphonesUnsurprising: we now spend more time using smartphones than surfing the web on PCs.  I'm not part of that "we" - yet - but I can so easily see that most of you are...

Paul Graham: lessons learned from 630+ Y-Combinator startups.  I'll have more to say about this, but for now, most interesting.  There are some surprising observations, but this isn't one of them: "Product development should most always take precedence."  Indeed.

So: Facebook email is gone.  So be it.  I commend them for removing something which the market had already killed.

best-picture math: most important tagsGetting ready for the Academy Awards: Best-picture Math.  Among other things, the tags associated with a movie can be a good predictor of whether it might win.  I think American Hustle is going to win this time, because of "buzz", but it wasn't nearly as good as Dallas Buyer's Club.

Oh, and here's every single best actor ... and every best actress too.  My picks: Christian Bale (though I would have chosen Mathew McConaughey), and Sandra Bullock (I agree).

Glass for the battlefield.  Of course!

Interesting: project Tango, a prototype phone from Google that creates a 3D-model of the world around it.  Should be a nice enhancement to Glass someday :)

ZooBorn: teeny Giant Aldabra TortoiseToday's ZooBorn: a teeny Aldabra Giant Tortoise.  They will grow from 50g to 400lbs.  Wow.

(oh and it will take them over 100 years to do it :)

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