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Saturday,  02/22/14  10:16 PM

Lego Steve JobsQuite a day, in which my little eyesFinder team was buzzing about a new application for our technology.  Stay tuned, not quite ready to share.  But it does have me quite excited!

Love this: Lego Steve Jobs.  Iconic!

Mihir Garh, the world's most extraordinary hotelHere we have the world's most extraordinary hotel, Mihir Garh, in the middle of Rajasthan’s Thar Desert in India (as voted by the readers of Lonely Planet).  I'm sure there was extraordinary competition.  On my list to visit :)

What if cash was a new currency like Bitcoin? "Cash is a 100% anonymous and untraceable payments technology. It is like a weapon of mass destruction launched against law enforcement."  Hehe.

Amazon coinsBut: Amazon's virtual currency now works on Android phones and tablets.  When this first came out it was pre-Bitcoin (or at least pre- my awareness of it), and pre- my having read "the everything store", and I tended to discount it.  No longer.  This could be most interesting.

Ukraine, by languageHave you been following the situation in the Ukraine?  I am uneducated on the issues but most interested; Ukrainian president flees as opposition seize the palace.  Powerline wonders Can Ukraine survive? in a post which suggests a Czechoslovakian-style breakup of the country, into a western-leaning Ukrainian-speaking faction, and an eastern-leaning Russian-speaking faction.  This would involve splitting the capital city of Kiev in two.

The map at left shows the prevalent language, Ukrainian in pink, Russian in blue; Kiev is right on the dividing line, the Dnieper River.

Tesla Model XTesla confirms huge battery factor plan, and will ship 35,000 cars next year.  So be it.  I love Tesla and their cars (!), and wish them all the best, but I kinda miss having a unique vehicle.  If they're too successful I'll end up having just another car on the road.  Same thing happened to me in 1992, when I was the first on my block with a Lexus Couple :) 

Actually I think the most important news from Tesla is that they've delayed shipping their Model X SUV, shown at right.  That's going to tip them from a niche into the mainstream.

Of course, Tesla's most disruptive product may not be its cars (it may be its battery technology...)  The headline writer is making the usual mistake of confusing "disruptive" with "important", but it's a good point anyway.

Glasshole?!Google offers us tips on how to avoid being a 'glasshole'.  "Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy.  Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way."  I will need these as I will have a Glass myself, soon.

Honestly I can't wait to get thrown out of a movie theater :)  Stay tuned.

Tim Bray is leaving Google.  Best of luck to him.  Interesting that they wouldn't have a place for him as a telecommuter.

Om Malik is leaving GigaOm.  Huh.  And becoming a VC.  Double huh.

Dave Winer nails it: Why people like Facebook: "because when they post something there, they get responses from people they care about."

ZooBorn: Baby TamanduaI've neglected my role as a ZooBorn repeater, but this little guy got my attention: a baby Tamandua.  Awww...

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