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Saturday,  02/15/14  10:29 PM

Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir*Still* loving the Olympics.  I think NBC's coverage has been pretty good too.  My favorite sportscasters have been Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir, but a lot of the others have been great too.  I'm not really a fan of cross country skiing but you have to get excited listening to Chad Salmela.  And I am a fan of speedskating (Go Oranje!) where Dan Jansen has been excellent.

My biggest complaint is sports where each match takes forever, like hockey and curling.  (I had the same issue with soccer and vollyball in the summer Olympics.)  Maybe they should only show the last 15 minutes of each match?

3D printed handExcellent: Kansas Teen uses 3D Printer to make hand for boy.  And here I thought I was cool for making a Tesla Model S drink holder :)

Microsoft Office on iPad: It's alive and coming sooner than most think.  An excellent idea for MobileSoft!  (Are they reading my blog?)  And most important with the advent of tablets...

climbing the Shanghai TowerWow: Russian daredevils climb to the top of the Shanghai tower.  Harrowing.

Bitcoin's amazingly bad but kind of great week.  Among other things, Russia says Bitcoin should be avoided.  Still, we're in the beta phase of digital currencies.  This just doesn't feel like a fad... it is now possible to by Tulips with Bitcoin!

swimming fish controlling an electric carHow cool is this?  A fish controlling an electric car.  A camera detects the direction in which the fish is swimming, and pattern recognition software causes the car to move in that direction.  I'm going to say the fish looks like he's having fun :)

Lego American Hustle movie posterHere we have Lego movie posters for best picture nomineesEverything is awesome!

Sakura the penguinAnd speaking of awesome, check out Sakura, this little penguin chasing his zookeeper.  Awwww... :)

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