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Tuesday,  02/11/14  10:36 PM

Dutch sweep 500m speedskatingLoving the Olympics ... after all the hand wringing we have the games themselves, and the athletes, and the performances, and it's just great fun to watch.  I wish there were more hours in the day (and more GB on the Tivo :)

Are you tired of watching Dutch speedskaters win medals?  Nope, me either :)  Though you might be tired of reading me post about it.

Cool sports I hardly knew, but now like: Curling - lots of strategy, Skeleton - Luge on your stomach!, Slopestyle - Waaaaa, and Biathlon - skiing and shooting combined.  So far the only sport I've found to be a disappointment is ski jumping.  Now that they slide down a track, it just doesn't seem real anymore.

augmented realityCross-posted: Augmented Reality is Real.  And it's really here.

The other day I noted Bill Gates spent all day upgrading to Win 8.1.  Turns out that was a parody!  Who knew?  I guess I should have known better, but somehow it seemed so plausible :)

Meanwhile, Paul Thurrott eviscerates Windows 8.  "A disaster in every sense of the word."  Wonder what Satya Nadella thinks?

Meanwhile, In 3.5 years most Africans will have smartphones.  Will they be running Windows?  I doubt it.

The Onion: Affordable Care ActSpeaking of parody: IL partners with The Onion to push Obamacare.  "To get more people to sign up for health care, the state is bragging it will spend $150,000 on ads for the satirical news site The Onion."  Hehe.  Wait ... that's not a parody?  Our tax dollars are being used for this?

Dumbest idea ever: adding noise to an electric car.  Then again, I don't think trucks should beep when backing up, either.

Shirley Temple rides into the sunset...Off into the sunset...

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